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No matter where you are across Namibia, we can help you reach your academic goals. To access our online tutoring system, you simply need to sign up for a free account on our system.

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Search for tutors using our advanced relationship-based matching of students to their ideal mentor based on academic needs, personality, and interests. Our match guarantees that you are satisfied with your tutor.

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Still not sure...? Enter your requirements into the system and we will have tutors contact you very soon. Better yet, book an appointment with a tutor and let them show you a demo of their work to be even surer.

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Let us handle the administrative details while you acquire knowledge. The system uses the latest artificial intelligence technology paired with interactive tools in virtual classrooms at the comfort of your home.  


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Are you a teacher, a professor or a PhD student? Are you an industry professional, or simply an educator who is passionate about their areas of expertise and eager to help students learn? More importantly, are you looking for a better way to reach your target audience and earn extra income by sharing your knowledge with others? Do you need complete teaching freedom, control over your business and monetary independence? Do you want to save time each day with our automated schedules and reminders? Do you want to optimize your tutoring business with us and keep the focus on doing what you love most – teaching? If YES to any of the above questions, we can help you grow your brand using the most equitable tutoring platform designed with tutors in mind. Just list with us, sign up today -  it is for FREE!

Set your own hourly rates, control your schedule, access management tools and use our secure online payments. We support the tutoring of any subject or skill. Become a tutor and not only change students' lives with additional online support, but also improve the size of your wallet too. You can earn money while teaching whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want. Here is why…

1.    Be your own boss - Become a Nam Tutor and teach whenever it suits you, and make money at the same time. You can earn up to N$500 an hour or more.

2.    Flexible topics - Why not strut your skills and become a math tutor? How about empowering a student to communicate better by becoming an English tutor? Select topics that fit your expertise.

3.    Opportunity to change people's lives - Help hundreds of students who are searching for tutors like you to better prepare them for a new career, academic studies, or those who need that little bit extra in life. Tutoring is a noble profession that transforms people's lives.

4.    Secure platform for getting paid promptly - Most importantly, get paid for your work on time when you need it, no questions asked.


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