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We are an online platform

Tutors Hub is an online system that provides an innovative learning platform for tutors and academic institutions to list their tutoring services across the country.    The system is equipped with a user-friendly interface and a highly powerful user experience design that uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to auto-match students’ requirements to the tutors’ listing and qualifications. The system’s main aim is to successfully help connect thousands of students with top qualified, expert tutors online, on-demand from beginner to advanced, up to 24 hours a day across the country.


System Users

The system's users are both the students who require tutoring and/or mentorship assistance, and the various individuals such as undergraduates, teachers, professors, PhD candidates and industry professionals or academic Institutions who offer tutoring/mentorship services. All system users (students and tutors/academic institutions) create an account by signing up on the system to be able to use Tutors Hub. Users then complete their profiles by providing information such as location, availability, tutoring modes (online or physical) etc. In the cases where a user chooses physical as a tutoring mode, the user further indicates if s/he is willing to travel and if yes, the user also indicates how far s/he is willing to travel to offer/receive a service. Tutors and academic institutions are further required to complete their profiles by indicating lessons with their respective prices that they’ll offer on the system.

Class Modes for a variety of Subjects

All lessons are offered either physically (Face-to-face) or online using third party applications such as Zoom, Skype Microsoft Teams, Facebook Live, WhatsApp Video calling and so on, or via the system’s virtual classroom platform that records all lessons throughout.


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